Stowaway Daze is out NOW!

Stowaway Daze is out now!

HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO SAVE YOUR HEROES? When homeless teen Max Stripe’s favourite band performs in Detroit, he brazenly jumps aboard their tour bus and drags his little bro Axel along with him. A magical road trip awaits until the band’s tyrannical manager arrives and creates hell. Fearful of being kicked off at any minute and being thrown back to his decrepit hut, Max charms and cajoles, and ultimately saves the careers of his musical heroes.

Stowaway Daze is written for ages 10+, or anyone with a sense of spirit and adventure.

I like this story a lot. You will love it!

Here is the link to buy the ebook for just 99c! (until Jan 17th, 2022) by which time I’ll release the paperback.  If you have trouble reviewing on Amazon, please head over to Goodreads and you can leave one there. Please feel free to share this post, I hope you enjoy the story!

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