Meet Toby from My Best Worst Year

Toby is the main character in My Best Worst Year, a hilarious story about a boy who is promised a Gamebox V3 by his dad if he scores 20 wickets in cricket and 10 tries in rugby, but is foiled at every turn by the class bully.

Here is an entry in his diary.

You might have figured out my name is Toby, but you won’t know my surname.

It’s Gilligan-Flannigan. There, I said it. I blame my parents. Thanks to both their stupid names, I’m stuck with the stupidest, longest name in the school. Sometimes all I want is to be called Jones or Smith. Then I wouldn’t stand out like a chicken with no head every morning when Mrs Martin-Edge does the roll call.  I’m the middle one in the family. Claire is four years older than me, and my brother Max is seven years younger. They’re both annoying, but at least Max doesn’t use all the hot water in the shower.

Then again, Claire doesn’t poo her pants.

No matter where you live in the world, you can buy the paperback here.

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